Purchasing a mobile home can be a big milestone and one way to ensure your making the right purchase and something that wont cost you more money down the line is to have a mobile home inspection conducted. Our certified inspectors will look for all the specialized areas of the mobile home that are not ones you would find a general home. They will perform a thorough inspection and report on any and all defects found during the inspection process. 

Specialized Components Inspected

  • Water in the crawl space
  • Bulging membrane under the home indicating a trapped leak
  • Design and condition of foundation / piers
  • Improper pier shims
  • Bent or damaged I-beams
  • Skirting
  • Presence, condition and installation methods of hurricane straps or tie-downs
  • Water sealed seams on roofing, exterior wall sheathing and penetrations such as doors and windows
  • Improper wood-burning appliances, furnaces or stoves